False Creek Vancouver B.C.
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The Most Accessible Place On Earth!

Hi! My name is Trevor Woytko and this site tells about False Creek and what makes it I think the most accessible place in the world.

This area is accessible by five skytrain stations and three bus routes. there are two community centres and a seawall that goes from spanish banks to english bay and downtown is a short walk over your choice of three bridges or a short ferry ride.for those who use handcycles there are several routes on the city bike route that go through this area including: Seaside,Off Broadway,Heather,Adanac,Mosaic and Ridgeway Greenway.


Shopping is very accessible and runs the gamut from tents to exotic snacks and books because of proximity to shopping areas such as West Fourth, Broadway, South Granville Yaletown and UBC. These areas can all be accessed by either seawall ,lanbridge on Sixth Avenue or by any of three bridges or Granville Loop Park. Also, if you are into gadgets, you can find many cell phone stores nearby. I am also very fond in mobile telecommunications topic.

Trevor, able to access all needs on OWN!
The great Bus and Skytrain service are easily accessed from False Creek. Which makes attending appointments a snap!

This area has a bounty of outdoor activities from sailing at jericho and hiking in pacific spirit park, there is always something to do.With our weather,it is possible to go out year round


When it comes to events in this area,the calendar is always full from the dragonboat races to the molson indy and the comedy festival and with both gm place and bc place stadiums just steps away there is no room to say that this area is boring.

Vancouver,beautiful in all seasons!
The primarily residential approach to False Creek keeps noise and traffic at a minimum.
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