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Webmaster news
added list of bike routes in this area for handcyclists on homepage and added a link to city cycling page on favorite links new photos with links are now on the site thanks to my new digital camera

seawall news

  • there are now accessible washrooms along the seawall at David Lam Park on either side of the city pumping station
  • also in the park they are adding tennis and basketball courts and expanding the seawall down by the waters edge.
  • they have also opened up the seawall by monk mcqueens and it is open from dusk to dawn and it now means you can go from granville island to english bay without interruption.
  • The new quayside marina in Concord Pacific has a lift for wheelchairs to access the aquabus ferry.
  • the lower level seawall at george wainborn is now open and after "Aqua"condo construction will directly  connect to granville seawalk which leads directly to english bay i hope it is finished in time for the fireworks