Newfound independence and recreation links
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Recreation For Independence Links
These are links for places to explore and activities to participate in independently to understand why i think false creek is the best place to live

Cycling in Vancouver This site has information on all of the city bike routes and contact numbers for maintenance or any other problems
Translink Operator of vancouver transit system
Translink trip planning allows you to plan trips on transit
Millennium line Information on the new skytrain line in vancouver and burnaby with station pictures and information

British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society This organization allows persons with a disability the chance to go hiking in the woods using a one wheeled device called the trailrider.It also hosts the access challenge in the summer
TrailPeak Online listing of trailrider accessible trails.
disabled sailing association disabled sailing and racing at jericho beach
Cliffhanger indoor rock climbing indoor rock climbing on falsecreek
FreedomSeekerbc online guide to vancouver accessibility
Roundhouse community centre this centre was a legacy of expo 86 and has on display the first engine that pulled into vancouver
Concord Pacific seawalk This seawall starts just under cambie street bridge and connects with english bay at sunset beach and is the quickest route to english bay to get the best seat to view the Celebration of light fireworks show every summer.There are accessible washrooms on each side of the pumping station and a marina with accessible lift to access aquabus ferries which drop you off at the aquatic centre which is a short roll to english bay.On this route they are currently building basketball and tennis courts which are an extension of David Lam park. on this route you also pass the Roundhouse which has an outdoor turntable in its outdoor plaza which also displays the first train to pull into vancouver and houses a community centre.This route also features brushdelux which is a public art piece that is linked to it's own website that shows creek conditions in realtime.
Bayshore Gardens This area is being currently redeveloped and includes a seawall that connects with stanley park and the coal harbour community centre that has a park on top and is shaped like a ship.
Aquabus Accessible water transportation around false creek